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Introduction to Bills

Bills finance companies provide another source of financing for businesses outside the banking sector. The basic function of a bills finance company is to pool and use short-term funds in the money market as a medium for savers and investors, so that lenders with short-term excess funds and borrowers with short-term funding needs can enter this bills finance market to achieve both business purposes.
By the end of December 2021, there were 8 bills finance companies , and all 30 branches were located domestically. The total assets of all bills finance companies were NTD 1,053.2 billion, the total debts were NTD 915.4billion, the outstanding amount of guaranteed short-term bills was NTD 631.7billion, and the net income was NTD 10.98billion. The primary business includes certifying, underwriting, brokering, trading , and guaranteeing short-term bills, and trading bonds.
The minimum paid-in capital of a bills finance company is NTD 2 billion. Their customers include Iegal and natural persons , but domestic Iegal persons are the primary ones .
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