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Opening of Deposit Account

A local banking institution shall review the following documents filed by a foreign national for the opening of the deposit account:
A foreign natural person:
  1. Foreign natural person without a residence certificate and non-citizen ROC national shall be required to a passport with the legal entry visa (or stamp sealed) or an overseas compatriot identity certificate issued by Overseas Community Affairs Council ROC (Taiwan), and a Record of ID No. in the Republic of China.
  2. The People of the Mainland Area without residence certificate shall be required to an exit/entry permit, a Record of ID No. in the Republic of China, and other identification documents. 
A foreign (including Mainland Area) juridical person:
  1. The certificate of registration as legal entities issued by its country;
  2. The copy of the identification certificate of its responsible person;
  3. The power of the attorney issued by the juridical person to designate a representative or an agent in Taiwan; and
  4. The Business Administration Number issued by a regional National Tax Administration of the Ministry of Finance.
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