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Legal Affairs Division Financial Regulatory and Supervisory Framework
Financial Activities across the Strait
Risk management, accounting and disclosure rules for banks and financial holding companies
Prevention of Financial Crimes
Domestic Banks Division
Supervision of Domestic Banks and Auxiliary Institutions
Laws And Regulations of Domestic Banks
Policies And Projects
Credit Cooperatives Division
Consumer Protection
Deposit Insurance
Supervision of the credit cooperatives and commercial banks reorganized from credit cooperatives
Trust and Bills Finance Companies and Payment Business Division Supervision of Bills Finance Business
Administration Policy and Supervision of Trust and Securitization Business
Credit Cards, Cash Card and Electronic Payment 
Foreign Banks Division Supervision of Foreign Banks and Mainland Banks
Laws and Regulations Regarding OBUs and Financial Derivatives
Financial Supervisory Cooperation
Financial Holding Companies
Supervision of FHCs and Subordinated Bank and Bills Finance Subsidiaries
FHC Related Rules and Regulations
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