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Application for licence of financial derivatives activities by a bank

Name of the Application form: Application for licence of financial derivatives activities by a bank
Responsible agency: Foreign Bank Division, Banking Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission
Application forms available for downloading: Application Form for Licence for Financial Derivatives Activities by the Bank(PDF)
Sample form: Download sample(PDF)
Legal basis: Laws and Regulations Retrieving System of the Banking Bureau(open new window)
Application process: Application Flow Chart(PDF)
Documents required to be attached:

I. Initial application involving (1) Products involving contracts derived from either exchange-traded commodities or indexes related to domestic stock or futures exchanges other than equity derivatives linked to Taiwan stocks or (2) New types of Taiwan equity-linked derivatives  or (3) Non Forex-related complex high-risk products: 

  1. Application Form;
  2. Statement of Compliance;
  3. Meeting minutes containing a resolution adopted by the board of directors (council members) or the board of managing directors to offer such financial derivatives or documents verifying authorization from an appropriate person(s);
  4. Certificate proving the working experience of or specialized training received by the personnel in charge of the said derivatives activities;
  5. Business proposal:
    1. product instruction;
    2. description of product characteristic;
    3. risk disclosure statementrisk;

 II. Application for derivatives not involving involving products mentioned in section I or forex-related products: 

  1. Description of each product's characteristics;
  2. Statement of regulatory Compliance;
  3. Risk Disclosure Statement. 

III. License for the CBC-licensed foreign exchange derivatives shall be applied for to the CBC. Where the product is a forex-related complex high-risk product, the bank shall submit copies of applications to the Commission.

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