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Organic Regulation of the Bureau

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Provisional Regulations Governing the Organization of the Banking Bureau Financial Supervisory Commission

Article 1

 The Regulations herein is set forth in accordance with the first paragraph, Article 30 of the Act Governing the Establishment and Organization of the Financial Supervisory Commission  (the “Act”).

 Article 2

 The Banking Bureau (the “Bureau”) under the Financial Supervisory Commission (the “Commission”) shall take charge of the following affairs:

  1. Supervision and regulation of financial holding companies.
  2. Supervision and regulation of domestic banks.
  3. Supervision and regulation of local branches and representative offices of foreign banks.
  4. Supervision and regulation of offshore banking units.
  5. Supervision and regulation of bills finance companies and bills depository companies.
  6. Supervision and regulation of credit cooperatives.
  7. Approval and regulation of financial asset service companies.
  8. Supervision and regulation of credit card business and institutions.
  9. Supervision and regulation of trust business and investment trust companies.
  10. Supervision and regulation of financial asset and real estate securitization business.
  11. Supervision and regulation of service enterprises engaging in interbank credit information processing and exchange.
  12. Supervision and regulation of deposit insurance enterprises.
  13. Supervision and regulation of foundations and associations related to entities described in Items 1 ~ 10 herein.
  14. Joint supervision and regulation of postal savings and remittance business with the Ministry of Transportation and Communications.
  15. Supervision and regulation of foreign exchange administration.
  16. Studying and proposing the formulation, revision, and revocation of laws and regulations relating to entities described in Items 1 ~ 11 herein.
  17. Handling and conducting necessary follow-up and review of financial examination reports of financial institutions under the Bureau’s jurisdiction.
  18. Consumer protection work relating to the business of the Bureau.
  19. Supervision and regulation of other institutions and businesses relating to the foregoing provisions.

Article 3

The Bureau operates with six divisions and an information office to take charge of affairs specified in the preceding articles.

 Article 4

The Bureau operates with a secretariat to take charge of classified matters, research and rating, documentation, procedural rules, seals, file management, general affairs, cashier, and matters not handled by other sections and offices.

 Article 5

The Bureau has one director general to oversee the affairs of the Bureau and superintend all personnel under the command of the Commission chairperson; two deputy director generals to assist in Bureau affairs.

 Article 6

The Bureau has chief secretary general, director, deputy director, assistant director general, office director, chief, secretary, auditor, specialist, systems designer, systems coordinator, audit officer, officer, junior officer, junior systems designer, associate clerk, and operator.

Article 7

The Bureau has a personnel office, staffed with director, executive officer, specialist, audit officer, and associate clerk to take charge of human resources related affairs.

Article 8

The Bureau has an accounting office, staffed with director, auditor, specialist, officer, and junior officer to take charge of annual revenues and accounting affairs.

Article 9

The Bureau has a statistics office staffed with director, specialist, officer, and junior officer to take charge of statistics related affairs.

Article 10

The Bureau has a civil service ethics office, staffed with director, specialist, and officer member to take charge of civil service ethics affairs.

Article 11

The official title, grade and the number of personnel for each position listed herein will be set forth separately.

Article 12

The Regulations takes effect on July 1, 2004.

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